You can lose your eternal life

you can lose your eternal life

Yes, you can lose your eternal life. Those who do not bear fruit and do not overcome will be cut away from the vine and be blot out from the book of life. On the other hand, those who overcome and bear fruit will inherit the New Jerusalem and will live forever with Yahweh. A […]

Church is a Scam

church is a scam

Church is a scam, a phony, a lie. Churches are denominations, divisions on the body of the Anointed. They have nothing do with the real Assembly that Yeshua and Paul referred to. The Assembly is a spiritual realm of born again believers, a body of true disciples, the body of the Anointed, the Bride that […]

The Real Church Has No Name

The real church has no name but you can refer to it by the name of the city the believers of the assembly live in. It’s not possible to find an Assembly in the Holy Scriptures with a name, thus, naming is a deliberate attempt to twist the truth. It’s from the devil. Do not […]

Men and women today commit Adam and Eve’s sin

Men and women today commit Adam and Eve’s sin. Women today are tempted by almost the very same temptation that Eve was tempted by in the Garden of Eden. The Devil asked Eve if she was sure that God really commanded them not to eat from all trees. Today the Devil asks women if they […]