Church is a Scam

church is a scam

Church is a scam, a phony, a lie. Churches are denominations, divisions on the body of the Anointed. They have nothing do with the real Assembly that Yeshua and Paul referred to. The Assembly is a spiritual realm of born again believers, a body of true disciples, the body of the Anointed, the Bride that […]

The Real Church Has No Name


The real church has no name but you can refer to it by the name of the city the believers of the assembly live in. It’s not possible to find an Assembly in the Holy Scriptures with a name, thus, naming is a deliberate attempt to twist the truth. It’s from the devil. Do not […]

How to follow God: be ready

how to follow god

There are many people who will tell you different ideas on how to follow God. They will tell you what you have to do and what you ought not to do. They are in denial of the true God. God is not rigid and his guidance is creative. His ways are unsearchable. One cannot measure […]