The fight for real masculinity

March 2, 2016

In today's feminist society most men are emasculated. Where Jezebel reigns only real men, real warriors can survive. But a life of a warrior isn't easy. It's hard.

The emasculation of men

Contrary to the prevailing sentiments of the last few decades, it is OK to be a guy.

- Dr Robert A. Glover, Author of No More Mr Nice Guy


Feminism is driven by the evil spirit Jezebel. This spirit indulges in ruling over men. It's her life-blood. In contrast, men are commanded to rule over their wives by Yahuah, but they feel disabled, they're paralyzed. A Jezebelic woman is like a Black Widow spider that eats her husband alive.


The devil conspired against men. He knew if he can confuse gender roles, create unavailable and emasculated fathers then he will get one struggling man. He didn't stop there, he figured that if the man is a real man he'll have a problem. So he figured he also has to damage the woman. So he promoted wide and loud all the messages about feminism and Jezebel. He created a society that makes it almost impossible for a man to have a good and righteous marriage.

It was all planned. And we let Satan carry out his plan! He wanted feminism. He wanted women's liberation. He knew that if he can just take women out of the home to the workplace he can rip men off their wives. A wife that doesn't stay home to create a peaceful atmosphere is a wife that doesn't really help her husband. He knew that if the woman is not at home and looking after the children he will have the opportunity to put devilish ideology to the minds of their children through the public school system. So his plan is not only accomplished, it's future-proof.

This is part of a true documentary film that captures the behind the scenes reasons for feminism and women's rights. You can watch the whole documentary here (it's the one of the best 2,5 hours time investment you can make)


Most elementary and high school teachers are women. So women teach men how to grow up and how to be a man. Obviously, they can't. Only men can teach men how to become men.

Female teachers teach boys that it's wrong to be a boy. It's wrong to be strong, masculine, aggressive, to show off, to do men things. All male traits are punished and so they are driven out of boys at an early age.

The society therefore also expects men to be feminine. If a man isn't behaving and living like a woman he'll be looked down at and labeled a 'jerk'. "Jerk" is a real man who doesn't let others treat him badly and who has healthy boundaries. That's the reason why he's a "jerk", obviously...

A father who loves his family, and, therefore disciplines his children and keeps his wives in order is an extremist, sexist and abusive.

A man who quits his job and becomes a successful entrepreneur is labeled as an asshole and a money-lover, obviously, he's just too lazy to have a real job.

Men are simply discriminated. Isn't it weird that people don't question these lies?

Men are wild at heart

"Every man was once a boy. And every little boy has dreams, big dreams: dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress."

- John Eldredge, Wild at Heart

Those things that make a man come alive, adventure, being the hero and rescuing the beauty are good to the core. Our hearts are good.

It is the Jezebel spirit that makes it look bad.

But before we'd solely blame women for the situation. Let me tell you this: It is us, men who allowed the spirit of Jezebel to rule in our culture and in our homes.

It is men who allowed governments to legislate the pillars of the evil cult of feminism. It is men who gave up on their right to teach their sons and daughters at home and allow them to be educated by the public school system. It is men who allowed their wives to rule over them.


The fight of a boy

Boys at an early age are indoctrinated with the "poor girls and bad boys" mentality. If the girl starts to cry it's his fault. If he wants to play balls with the other boys, he has to restrict himself and play softly or not to play at all because it's dangerous and aggressive. If he has a valid point at the class that he raises he is told to shut up.

So most boys shut up and suffer. They learn at an early age that authority comes from women (most teachers are women) so they are to serve women. This is 100% contrary to the Holy Scriptures as it's always men who are in authority.

If there was any masculinity remaining in the little boy he will be labeled as mentally ill with ADHD and medicated until he becomes a good submissive feminine boy.

As Lionel Tiger reports in his book The decline of males, boys are 3 to 4 times more likely than girls to be diagnosed as suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD). But maybe they are not sick, maybe, as Tiger says, "this may simply mean they enjoy large-muscle movements and assertive actions...Boys as a group appear to prefer relatively boisterous and mobile activity to the sedate and restrictive behavior to which school system rewards and to which girls seems to be more inclined".... As Tiger says, "at least 3 to 4 times as many boys than girls are essentially defined as ill because their preferred pattern of play don't fit easily into the school structure. Well meaning psycho managers then prescribe tranquilizer drugs for ADD such as Ritalin... The situation is scandalous. The use of drugs so disproportionately betrays the failure of school authorities to understand sex differences. .. The only disease these boys may have is being male."

- John Eldredge, Wild At Heart

The fight of a man to find love

It's an almost impossible battle to find a righteous holy virgin woman to marry. I went through the horror to find one. It's not difficult to see why more young men are giving up on women altogether. The culture is promoting promiscuity and sex before marriage as a standard.


But it's the agenda of the devil and his people, the leading Elite of the world. They want men to be slaves of their wives, depressed, unwell and not confident people. The reason for this is that they know that it is the men who were created to be lead by Yahuah. It is the men who will lead any kind of social or religious movement. And it is men who would be leading a righteous fight against unrighteousness and sin in the world. They know that if they can get the women to be against men they'll disable men.


The state doesn't benefit from traditional gender roles. They can't tax a stay at home mom. They can't indoctrinate a child with their own evil curriculum and agenda if the child is homeschooled by a stay at home mom. They can't control a man who's wife provides a safe and peaceful home. This isn't conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy fact.


The fight of a husband

Next level up is being a husband. You found a woman and you think the struggle is over. It's just going to start!

Like it wasn't enough to go through all the pain to find and marry a good woman...


It's so difficult to be a husband especially if your father wasn't a real man. You basically start out clueless. It's difficult to start out without clues about your role and the other gender.

But the real struggle starts when you know your clues and you're a real man and want to be treated like one. But you have this lady in your life who is clueless about her role.

You can try to bring her up-to-date day and night and it won't work. The society she grew up molded her to believe that she's right and you're an asshole. She may call you controlling, insensitive, rude, careless, clueless and even silly. All by your own wife.

The fight of a father

If you happen to get to this level you've been through some real horror already but one of the most difficult part is just getting started.

Your woman may disagree with some or most of the ways you'll want to raise your children. As a result, you'll have heartache and won't be able to do your job as a father as you'd like to.

The devilish court system will be on the side of the mother if your relationship comes to divorce and you can forget your children.

As a father, you're fighting a fight you can barely win since the pillars of the institution sold their soul to the devil. The social workers, the court system, the government, even most men are on the side of the devil and will stand up for Jezebel in a heartbeat.


The fight of a real man

So it's extremely difficult to be a real man in today's world. We'll be labeled as a jerk, a control freak, a misogynist, an extremist, a sexist, a pervert and an asshole. As a result, we may become depressed or extremely dissatisfied with life.

Until... you get a support from another man. Then you're two and 4 times stronger. Then if another joins you two, you're three and 15 times stronger

Women will need to understand this and become women again and fight on our side, with us, not against us. But before that we, men will need to fight this good fight, without women first.

It is my prayer, that more and more men would stand up to become real men true to the core of their hearts and their masculinity and we'd soon see a male revolution. And that more and more men will support one another in this good fight, shedding our blood for one another.

As a man in a fight for my real masculinity I happened to stumble upon some helpful books and websites. I list them below just in case they may be useful to you, too:

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