What Can Christians And Torah followers Learn From Michael Jordan

December 5, 2016
Faith matters
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Most people are humble outwardly (they say they want to know but they don't) and cocky inwardly (not willing to listen and learn, not reading to educate themselves, not being mentored, not learning from mistakes etc). In ways Michael Jordan was the cockiest person you could meet. At least this is how he was outwardly. But how was he inwardly?

"This ability to listen was among his most precious gifts. ... To his coaches, his capacity to be coached was his single most impressive attribute"

- Roland Lazenby, author of Michael Jordan: The Life

"I had never seen a player listen so closely to what the coaches said, and then go and do it."

- Dean Smith, coach

"My greatest skill was being teachable, I was like a sponge. Even if I thought my coaches were wrong, I tried to listen and learn something."

- Michael Jordan

Did you catch that?

Jordan listened even if he thought his coaches were wrong. Yet, my "Christian" and "Torah" friends would mock me and call me names when I talk about the Flat Earth, the day starting in the morning and ending in the evening, about polygyny, or incorrect translations.

How much humility do you have? If I'm wrong, fine. But you still could listen and research and entertain the idea. But you  reject it out of hand. Shall I praise you?

When will the people of Yahweh humble themselves to at least listen and try to learn something.

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